Danny on stage at 9p.m. unless otherwise stated.

Please arrive early to avoid disappointment

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Biography of his Life, DVDs and CDs.

2 nd Castle Tavern1 st Bonhommes Filey
3 rd The Ramshill7 th The Ramshill
9 th The Duchess13 th Castle Tavern
10 th Private Party14 th Ramshill
11 th Bonhommes Filey21 st Ramshill
16 th Castle Tavern22 nd The Albert
17 th The Ramshill27 th Castle Tavern
23 rd Tow Bar Cayton Bay28 th Ramshill
24th Casino
30 th Castle Tavern
31 st The Ramshill
4 th The Duchess2 nd The Ramshill1 st Bonhommes Filey4 th The Ramshill
5 th Ramshill3rd Bonhommes Filey6 th The Duchess5 th The Albert
6 th The Albert9 th The Ramshill7 th The Ramshill10 th Castle Tavern
12 th The Ramshill10 th The Albert13 th Castle Tavern11 th The Ramshill
13 th Bonhommes Filey15 th Castle Tavern14 th The Ramshill18 th The Ramshill
18 th Castle Tavern16th Casino Scarborough20 th Tow Bar Cayton Bay25 th The Ramshill
19 th The Ramshill21 st Private Party21 st The Ramshill26 th Bonhommes Filey
26th The Ramshill23 rd The Ramshill22 nd The Albert31 st The Castle
30 th The Ramshill28 th The Ramshill
1 st The Ramshill6 th The Ramshill3 rd The Ramshill1st The Ramshill
8 th The Ramshill13 th The Ramshill4 th Bonhommes Filey8th The Ramshill
9 th The Albert19 th Castle Tavern16 th Castle Tavern9th The Albert
28 th Castle Tavern20 th The Ramshill17 th The Ramshill14th Castle Tavern
29 th The Ramshill27 th The Ramshill24 th The Ramshill15th The Ramshill
30 th Bonhommes Filey16th Bonhommes